5 Tips On How To Bake For A Big Crowd

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Baking for a huge crowd can be the most stressful thing.  Whether you have someone assisting you or it is a one’s man job, ensuring that your baked goods are perfect can be stressful.

Bakerite wants to make your baking experience smooth sailing every time, below we have selected a few pointers in order to achieve this.


  • Identify what you want to bake

Make a list of all the goods you want to bake. Remember to keep in mind the number of guests and the time the event will start. This will help you know whether you need to double the number of cakes or not.

  • Do an equipment and ingredients check

Create a checklist of all equipment and ingredients needed. From the measuring cups, to the bowls and the presentation plates; do not forget to clean the equipment before using it. Leaving all the planning till last minute is not a good thought.

  • Keep it simple

Bake what everyone likes (known as crowd pleasers), something that is simple and won’t take long. Large events are not the time to experiment with never-done-before recipes.

  • Remember dietary restrictions

Unless told otherwise, try to find out if any of the guests have allergies or are on certain diets, this will help you make foods that are going to be enjoyed by everyone. If no information was given, try using fresh fruits and vegetable or dairy-free products.

  • Stay calm

Of course, no one would want to hear these words when there is dough on baking trays and the guests are arriving in an hour. Believe it or not, maintaining your calm will make you think much better and work more efficiently.


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