Bakeware for artisan bread – achieving the perfect crust

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In this article we will be examining the rising trends of artisanal speciality bread, and how Bakerite Alusteel bread pans are the perfect industrial bakeware to help bakers meet the public’s seemingly voracious appetite for this.

Artisanal breads present themselves as a challenge for mainstream and factory bakers – not only do they demand excessive time, effort and costly ingredients but the technique that is required is not a skill which is common amongst bakers. Artisan Bakers are trained professionals in baking hand-crafted bread and as such, they specialise in integrating the various chemicals present in the ingredients used.

Due to the increased health concerns of both the general population and the vegan community, together with the fact that they have a longer shelf life compared to commercial bread, speciality breads have risen in popularity. Mainstream bakers who wish to follow this trend battle with the following – are there bread pans available to accomplish this?

Getting the right bakeware is important – the pans need to accommodate the fermentation process which allows for the various flavours in the bread to be accentuated. This is important considering the absence of artificial flavouring and animal products in the bread. With this said, Bakerite’s Alusteel bread pans are designed to withstand harsh conditions, are hard-wearing and are ideally suited to baking artisanal breads. We also manufacture custom strapped bread pans with lids which are designed according our customers’ bespoke requirements. In working closely with you, we are able to provide the cost-effective, long-lasting and practical solutions you’re looking for.

According to renowned artisan baker Jacob Burton*, artisanal breads need steam injection which is achieved by placing the dough on a heat deck (like a stove) or a wood-fired oven which transmits heat from the bottom-up. We are aware that most of our industrial customers have steam-injected deck ovens, but for those who don’t, an alternative can be achieved by placing your Alusteel bread pans on top of a baking stone. It is worth mentioning that our bread pans will not be adversely affected by the excessive heat transmitted from the stone, deck oven or wood-fired ovens.

Examples of artisanal breads that our bread pans are more than capable of baking range from baguettes, naturally leavened white bread, multigrain bread to ciabatta and focaccia. The possibilities are endless, which it makes it even more important for you to get quality industrial bakeware.

Our promise to manufacture quality industrial bakeware which can withstand most day-to-day conditions are what has placed us as market leaders, well-versed in baking trends. If you are looking for a partner in the bakery industry, contact us on 0820518151 or email us on


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