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Industrial Bakeware

Available in all shapes and sizes, our industrial bakeware is designed to stand up to harsh bakery conditions and last the test of time.
Made from high quality aluminised steel, we manufacture a wide range of standard bread pans, lids, baking trays and cake tins, as well as our unique fully radiused folded pan.

We can also manufacture a variety of custom shapes and sizes to meet your individual challenges and requirements and can easily replace products if damaged during day-to-day wear.

These products can be used in Industrial Plant bakeries with travelling ovens or smaller Instore Bakeries with rotary or deck ovens.

Bread pans and Confectionary trays

  • Hotdog trays
  • Hamburger trays
  • Muffin trays
  • Snowball trays
  • Flat baking trays
  • Perforated trays
  • Baguette trays
  • Cake tins (round)
  • Cake tins (square)
  • Cake tins (oblong)
  • Cake rings
  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • Bread pans
  • Bread pans with lids
  • Customised bread pans & lids
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