Millennials Driving Baking Trends

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According to research conducted by Nielsen*, by 2020 market trends will be led by millennials. This is attributed to the transition the age group will be making from being teenagers into young adults. Their spending and eating habits are important factors to consider, especially in the baking industry where customers determine the goods bakers provide.

Industry expert Emily Cappiello* has expressed a rising trend in the baking space which has seen bakeware sales experiencing a significant decrease from 2018. Bakeware sales specialist Jennifer Dalquist further added to this finding by stating that younger bakers are particular regarding the bakeware they purchase – they want long-lasting, cost-effective products. With this said, what should bakeware specialists interpret from this information?

President of renowned bakeware brand Tim Feeny has good news. The popularity of aluminium steel bakeware has conversely seen an increase and more bakers are aware of the benefits that Alusteel bakeware possesses. Taking this into consideration, can an assumption be drawn by the fact that younger bakers are looking for long-lasting products paired up with the increase in Alusteel products? The answer is yes, and is certainly a positive trend for Bakerite Industrial Bakeware.

With over 29 years experience, our custom-made aluminium industrial baking equipment and bakery floors are designed to provide our clients with durable, cost-effective solutions. As specialists in metal fabrication, we are confident that our impeccable Alusteel products are in line with market demands. Our ability to provide these to thirteen African countries has made us reputable on the continent. It is against this background that we pose this question, are millennial trends worthwhile following for bakers?

Jennifer Dalquist has further noted that there is a growing trend towards premium goods over the past few years owing to the steady increase of millennial influence. Millennials are educated and influential, meaning they are able to sway public opinion – and if this is the case, the bakers who seek to follow market leanings should adhere to the opinion of young bakers and consumers. To answer the above-mentioned question, we do recommend bakers be cognisant of these developments. Our ability to provide efficient solutions for our younger bakers further strengthens this argument – our positioning in the market remains robust through our provision of long-lasting Alusteel bakeware for younger bakers. We believe the same can be achieved for bakers who provide for the health and cost-conscious market.

Our take-out from this? Following baking trends set by millennials promotes quality control and spurs creativity. Their influence is remarkable and should not be taken lightly. If you are looking for a partner in the bakery industry, contact us on 0820518151 or send us an email us on


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