The Benefit of Custom Products

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Durban, November 27, 2018 – A research was done by Deloitte, a business advisory firm, revealed that 36% of consumers are interested in personalized products and services.

Businesses should find a way to tailor make their services and products to the liking of clients. Bakerite is South Africa’s leading wholesale supplier that specializes in custom-made industrial bakeware.

As a sole manufacturer and supplier of steel floors that are a standard requirement in industrial kitchens, we have seen the success of customization of products.

Among our product list we also supply and customize:

  • Oven trolleys and bread pans
  • Confectionary trays
  • Countertop Bread Stands
  • Wire Stands (Custom Cladding)

Based in Durban, with a distribution footprint that stretches into Africa and beyond, Bakerite specializes in custom-made industrial baking equipment for the food, retail, wholesale, hospitality, and related industries in Africa.


We also offer a complete design service from concept through to production of point of sale cladding. Contact us on +27 31 700 5288 or send an email to to discuss your requirements.


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