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Safety and hygiene are the keywords in the bakeries and the confectionery industry. This is seen when choosing a floor system is a concern. The role of the floor in a bakery is more important to the success of the business than one might think.

Working in a bakery can be largely labour intensive and thus anything to lower the risk of injury is essential.

The Health and Safety Executive[1], has indicated that most accidents that occur at the bakery are mainly the results of heavy lifting, slipping, hot equipment, and even flour dust.

The bakery flooring system should be able to withstand decades of usage with heavy mechanical interaction, as the floor is one of the most common places for bacteria to form, it’s important to take every step possible towards a hygienic environment, this is according to Bolidt[2].

There are several factors to consider when assessing safety risks in the bakery industry. Here are 6 tips one should follow to prevent accident and injury in a bakery[3].

Clean: First of all, no matter how busy you are, make sure your workplace is clean. Water, flour and sugar can create a slippy paste, so make sure surfaces are regularly wiped down. Keep equipment out the way when not being used so there’s no danger of other bakers tripping over a rogue baking tray.

Anti-Slip: Second, with those slippery surfaces, you may want to consider putting down anti-slip mats as well as making sure that floors are mopped regularly and free of standing water.

Double Duty: Furthermore, the food itself can cause dangers. Hot sugar and multiple ovens pose risk of burns. Make sure to protect your hands with heavy-duty tea towels (as oven gloves are impractical when you’re moving from task to task). For lifting heavy objects, try and encourage teamwork to cause fewer musculoskeletal injuries as baker injuries can mean lost time and money for both the baker and the bakery.

Beat the Heat: For hot environments, consider a cooling system to keep your bakers cool and comfortable. Make sure the clothes, aprons, and hats worn are made of breathable and hygienic fabrics.

Noise Reduction: To combat noise, you may want to provide earplugs as an optional feature in the kitchen. You can find some ear plugs that allow a healthy amount of sound through – so you can hear your co-workers – but that protect your ears from harmful decibels.

Workplace Flow: Finally, an important safety feature to consider is the placement of mixing equipment and ovens, and how your bakers move around them. Make sure your kitchen has an efficient layout. Speak with the head baker about how everyone moves and works in the kitchen. Having a proper layout of both kitchen equipment and staff makes everything more efficient and safe.

BAKERITE is a leading supplier to the industrial bake ware market and has grown its offering to include customised display stands and trolleys.

BAKERITE is the original and sole manufacturer of the BAKERITE steel floor tile in South Africa which is a standard requirement in many bakeries. The best in the business, the BAKERITE steel floor tile provides heavy-duty protection for all high traffic, high impact and high heat areas in any industry and is designed to prevent excessive wear and temperature fluctuations.




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