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A business cannot be run properly without proper tools as equipment is important for the functioning of the business. It is important that the catering equipment[1] can handle the commercial pressure of your kitchen. Equipment for commercial use is more essential.

With more than 29 years of excellence, Bakerite has since became the leading supplier to the industrial bake-ware market and has grown its offering to include customised display stands and trolleys.

From industrial bakeries to the food services and hospitality industries, Bakerite has manufactured a wide range of highly durable trolleys that can be customised to meet the varied requirements of each industry.

Based in Durban, with a distribution footprint that stretches into Africa and beyond, Bakerite specialises in custom-made industrial baking equipment for the food, retail, wholesale, hospitality and related industries in Africa.

At least 40% of hospitality professionals spend three to five hours dealing with equipment issues on a monthly basis – the equivalent of 60 hours every year, it has been claimed.  Meanwhile, 82% of hospitality professionals feel they’ve had to spend additional costs on unexpected equipment repairs[2].

The stainless steel catering equipment does not just add style to the kitchen, but often it adds visual effectiveness to the business. The catering equipment plays a vital role in the success of the business. It is important that the catering equipment can handle the commercial pressure of your kitchen[3].

Choosing the best equipment can help in boosting the sales and efficiency of the business. The different trolley product range includes:

  • Bake-ware trolleys
  • Fold up upright trolleys
  • Goods trolleys
  • Hotel & Catering trolleys
  • Security trolleys
  • Customised Solutions

Bakerite is the original and sole manufacturer of steel floor tiles in South Africa, which are a standard requirement in many bakeries.

The best in the business, they provide heavy-duty protection for all high traffic, high impact and high heat areas in any industry and are designed to prevent excessive wear and temperature fluctuations.

Bakerite’s industrial bakeware is designed to stand up to harsh bakery conditions and last the test of time. Made from high quality steel, Bakerite manufacture a wide range of standard bread pans, lids, baking trays and confectionary tins, as well as unique fully radiused folded pan.

Bakerite, manufacture a variety of custom shapes and sizes to meet your individual challenges and requirements and can easily replace products if damaged in the course of day-to-day wear.

It also offers a complete design service from concept through to production of point of sale cladding. In fact, with our streamlined, one stop service, as well as our high volume production capabilities, we’re equipped to meet any requirements from concept through to final product.

Contact us on +27 31 700 5288 or send an email to dirk@bakerite.co.za to discuss your requirements.


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